Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Magic Box!!!

As a kid I enjoyed watching Aladdin and I dream of Jeannie. The master would rub the lamp, the Jeannie would pop out and grant all his wishes. The Jeannie gave Aladdin a magic carpet to fly, turned him into a prince and saved his life. Now we all wish we had a lamp like that, but God wasn't kind enough on us humans. But wait, we do fly, have the luxuries, and technology that can also save our life. Where did the Jeannie come from to give us these luxuries? and why only humans, why the other animals did not evolve as much as the humans did?
God was indeed very kind to the human race and he gave us the magic box. It is the box in where lies the creativity, the imagination, and the power to give ourselves whatever we wish for. This `Magic Box` is our Subconscious mind.
How many of you have gone through a situation where you are desperately seeking for an idea or solution to a problem,  but never find any while you are consciously thinking about it. And suddenly a thought pops up in your mind while you are asleep, or when you are in the toilet (or shower). Bingo!! There is the solution to your problem. Where did that come from? 
Every minute, every second of our  life is an experience, and our brain  notes down all of those experiences. Like we store our old stuff in the store house, our brain stores all the old information in the subconscious mind. I believe our subconscious mind has the power to integrate all the information stored, and send it back to the conscious mind when a similar situation arises. 
Man has made rapid advancements in the field of technology, and all this was only possible because of the power of our subconscious. We always get  ideas, imaginations which people in the practical world would term absurd, following it with a statement ' this is not possible'. I am very sure you must have said or heard the same thing from some other person at-least once in your lifetime. Now look at the world around you, whatever man thought, he made it, like a Jeannie popped out of the lamp and granted him his wishes. Man wanted to fly, he made planes; he wanted to cross oceans, he made ships; he wanted light during night, he made electricity and so on he made a lot of other inventions and discoveries. Man has been able to bring out his imagination into the real world. It is said that the power of your subconscious mind is such that, when you think of something, and truly believe in it, your mind aligns all the forces in the universe required for your imagination to be made into something real. No one knows how it happens, but somehow it does.
I think when you truly believe in your imagination, your creativity, it acts a fuel to your body, to go out there and work hard to make your dream come true. Your belief gives you the passion, the inspiration, and the energy to make things real. And once you start working on your project, you start meeting different people, share different ideas, one thing leads to another and your dream becomes real.
Like I said, our subconscious mind stores every experience from the real world, so lets start making an effort to store only positive experiences, and treat every roadblock as an opportunity to learn and grow with it, and have a brighter and better future. Lets unleash the power of our subconscious mind. In my next blog I will be talking about Idealism v. Realism.

The Link below will open a page on Youtube. Its a guided meditation which help  to relax your brain and focus on your dreams and goals in life. Try it . The experience is just awesome. This will be a good start to open up the magic box inside of you.

Till then Peace and Love!!!


  1. Agree!! Excellent initiative Vignesh. Keep up the good work.

  2. Great post Vignesh and this is quite true about setting our intentions and the universe listens to our requests.